Kevin Cawley - Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Entertainment, residential, theatrical and City Beautification lighting designer

Theatrical Lighting

Kevin Cawley has been involved with the theatre and lighting since 1985. His inspirational lighting schemes for such shows as Les Miserable’s and Chess have taken live theatre from the ordinary to the sensational. The provision of a memorable visual experience ensures rave reviews from patrons and hard-to-please theatre critics.

It was Kevin’s passion for the theatre that convinced him that the ability of theatrical lighting design to create moods and elicit emotions could be transformed into other areas of society. He is one of the most respected theatrical lighting designers across the world and continues to stun audiences with his work. To appreciate the caliber of Kevin’s work, view his portfolio of theatrical lighting design.

Lighting Council New Zealand
Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Green Building Council
Standards New Zealand
Association of Lighting Designers
Pure Advantage - Green Growth for Greater Wealth
New Zealand Retail Interior Association
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