The importance of lighting design

It is well known that superior lighting design can create magic in the theatre. But it is not as widely understood that it can also transform other spaces with staggering results. It can see retailers handsomely rewarded as customers are drawn to products, it can improve worker productivity, while it can also create warmth in the home environment like nothing else.

Even qualified people sometimes approach lighting from a fundamental "lighting" delivery point. The magic of lighting design is its ability to deliver a connection that is beyond light to see by. Lighting design adds feeling. Seeing and feeling is a seamless result of lighting design excellence-you feel and see at the same time.

Kevin Cawley is an exception. One of New Zealand's most accomplished and respected lighting designers, his 25 year involvement in theatre showed him how light could influence people's moods and perceptions of a space.

He has used that experience with his commercial clients and has transformed the profits of many retail businesses across the globe. He has also lit up popular stage musicals and commercial buildings around the world. His residential portfolio highlights the all round lighting design skills of a man who is passionate about his work.

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2017 Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Award: Highly Commended. Efficient, Effective, Sustainable Lighting Design, Protecting the Night Environment.

Christchurch Casino

2017 Illumination Engineering Society Award of Commendation.

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Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Green Building Council
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