Take a Second Look:- Ellerslie International Flower Show 2014

Gold Lighting Award 2014

Supreme Award Lighting 2014

There is an invisible and painful condition that strikes with no reason, leaving children and their families reeling. Most New Zealanders think of Arthritis as a 'granny in the garden' disease but for the 530,000 New Zealanders living with the debilitating effects of arthritis, 1000 of them are children.

This garden is designed to raise awareness by demonstrating the reality of this disease and some of the obstacle these children goes through daily living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. (JIA) One day they can be fine, acting like a normal child. And then in pain the next.

Titled, 'Take a second look' refers to a child's physical appearance. They may look the same as the next child on a good day but take a bad day their joints become stiff and swollen, they feel fatigue and simple movements are painful. Miss diagnosing is common as this disease is unknown.

'Take a second look' uses the concept of spotting the difference to demonstrate how a child with JIA sees the playground. Two identical children's playgrounds stand side by side. By taking a second look you will see that they are not. On a good day the playground offers enjoyment and relief and encourages mobility. On a bad day the playground becomes an obstacle. Simple task we take for granted are painful and impossible to these children.

Establish plants surround the playground giving a sense of comfort and security. Plants are selected for there colours to brighten up the garden. Feature plant Astelia silver spear symbolise glass rubbing between the bones.

Swinging on monkey bars, dancing, running round, jumping and kicking a ball are the very basics of a childhood. We do not see the stiff and swollen joint, and daily pain as part of the picture. By spotting the difference we hope you walk away with a better understanding and awareness for this disease.

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