Lighting Pallet Pavillion for Gap Fillers

Many of you will have heard of Gap Fillers. They are a group of dedicated Cantabrians who have been filling spaces around the city in the aftermath of the earthquakes. They create all sorts of temporary projects with the help of local businesses.

It's a fantastic way to make Christchurch more attractive and offer residents more to do as we await the rebuild. This is why I'm handling the lighting design for the new Pallet Pavilion.

This open-air project will sit on the old Crown Plaza site in Victoria Square. It will host movies, concerts, bands and other entertainment. There will also be many spaces to relax with a coffee.

The big challenge for me is creating a design to cope with the many different uses of the site. For example, it may need to be transformed from a movie theatre into a concert setting with "drop of a hat".

This means the lighting design will need to be changed constantly.The overall aim of my design is to make the space feel comfortable for audiences, no matter what event is taking place. I must commend the Gap Filler people for their passion and enthusiasm as well as the lighting companies who are helping me with the project.

Download The Press feature "Town lit up by winning designer" (pdf, 600kb)

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