Kahikatea Memorial Sculpture

Commissioned by David Bolam-Smith, Artist Annable Menzies-Joyce and Lighting Designer Kevin Cawley.

The sculpture commemorates the 28 Japanese and all others who perished in the Christchurch Earthquakes on 22nd February 2011.

The lighting design for the Sculpture was gifted by Kevin. My contribution of light to the Sculpture was to shine as a beacon of love and support.

The Base of the sculpture represents the NZ Native Tree “Kahikatea” The Kahikatea tree grows in clumps, with the roots and branches into twined like us today standing together with arms linked. The Kahikatea tree grows tall and strong like a parents love for their children, the glass peak represents pure running water of a mountain stream flowing from the mountain top, the sprit of love ones can travel to this world and return to heaven down this river similar to the Lanterns returning the spirits on the River during OBON week.

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Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Green Building Council
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Association of Lighting Designers
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