Kevin Cawley - Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Entertainment, residential, theatrical and City Beautification lighting designer

Kevin Cawley – Lighting Designer

Lighting can be exciting and innovative. As a lighting designer who thinks outside the square I have to say, you the person who walks, rides, reads and drives in light does know when you are in an area with good lighting. The difference between us is I know why and what makes that lighting in that particular environment so good. My focus is on creating the right mood for the space I am lighting, rather than just removing darkness-that is why for you the lighting feels right.

I have created some remarkable lighting results for my clients, particularly in the area of retail. Our designs encompass a wide range of retail spaces including clothing stores, pharmacies, travel agents, vehicle showrooms, and gift and sportswear shops. My portfolio also extends to commercial, hospitality, entertainment, theatrical and residential sectors. I attend international workshops and seminars on new trends in lighting. I am in regular two way contact with international designers and manufacturers at the forefront of the industry sharing and collecting ideas and examples of innovation, energy saving, both domestic and civic with delivering these innovations to both the user and the provider of that wonderful energy source-great lighting.

Client consultation is critical, domestic civic or commercial, they must be informed at every step in the process without being burdened by detail. Energy efficiency for both environmental and cost saving reasons is paramount in my considerations and proposals, they are integrated in my thinking not just added to the end of my design as an afterthought.

Students at the University of Otago and the Design College of New Zealand are key receivers of my knowledge of current practices in the lighting industry. This is part of what I believe is my contribution to knowledge for our lighting designers of the future. The Awards in my career include National Lighting Design Awards and National Retail Design Awards are not received lightly. Instead they are used to outline in my workshops why these award recognise strategic as well as design innovation in lighting.

Award winning designs

2010 Retail Design Awards

Control Tower, Christchurch, New Zealand

“This was a beautiful structure to light, but challenging because of its shape. The job took 18 months to complete. This involved mixing different colours to get the perfect pastel effects. There were also many hours of testing.”

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