Kevin Cawley - Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Entertainment, residential, theatrical and City Beautification lighting designer

Commercial Lighting

Just as effective lighting design raises profits for retailers, it does the same in other commercial areas. It can entice people into cafes and restaurants, while it can also improve productivity in work environments. The benefits of effective commercial lighting have been proved by numerous studies. If lighting is designed for comfort and placing workers in the right mood, they will lift their performance.

Kevin Cawley has extensive knowledge in this area and has helped many businesses raise their productivity simply be improving their lighting. View Kevin's portfolio of commercial lighting and you will be convinced of the benefits to be gained by enlisting the services of one of New Zealand’s top lighting designers.

Lighting Council New Zealand
Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand Green Building Council
Standards New Zealand
Association of Lighting Designers
Pure Advantage - Green Growth for Greater Wealth
New Zealand Retail Interior Association
Canterbury Employers´ Chamber of Commerce